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Thread: Adding Attachments to a web page?

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    Default Adding Attachments to a web page?

    question; I have an on-line web page whereby users can enter procurement request information. Now I have been asked whether it would be possible to add attachments to the web page that goes with the procurement request, most of the time the attachment would be a word for windows document. I&#039;m not sure whether this can be done. I&#039;m using SQL SERVER 2000 and my pages are ASP with VBSCRIPT and JAVASCRIPT. All approved requests are displayed in a Micrsoft Access 97 based application.<BR>My question is can this be done?? <BR><BR>Many thanks...

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    Default Not sure what you mean by attachment...

    ...but can&#039;t you just add a link to the bottom of the page (or wherever) which points to the relevant document?<BR><BR>Or am I missing something?<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Default I think he wants people to be able

    to upload a file or document. This is pretty common task and it should be in the ASPFAQS in the upper right hand corner.<BR><BR>I would store the actual physical files/docs in a separate folder and simply store the filename in your database.<BR><BR>Pete

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