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    It seems if I navigate out of a directory structure, the session variable gets lost.. Any idea why this may happen?<BR><BR>if session("anumhid") = "" then<BR> URL="/neteng/secure/login.asp?libpage=dmz"<BR> Response.redirect (URL)<BR>else<BR> response.write("Still Active")<BR>end if<BR><BR>Works once, but then just starts redirecting me. Why would this happen? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>dep

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    Is the session variable being set in a virtual directory? Or is the session variable set outside a virtual directory and you are trying to use it inside a virtual directory? This will cause session variables not work. <BR><BR>I know this one is reach but would the instance of IE you are using happen to be opened from another application? i.e. Outlook? I know this will cause problems if you have session variables set and you open a new instance of IE session variables are not active in the new instance.

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