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    hi<BR>i am working on a site where shopping cart is there.<BR>what i need is that is there are three images i need to display this three images into One image<BR><BR>for example <BR><BR>user will select the Product(Picture) first which is an image then<BR>user will select the Frame for that picture its also an image then<BR>usr will select the mat(background) for that fram its also an image<BR>then<BR><BR>so what i need is that According to frame height and width the picture and mat should be adjusted in that selected frame(all are different images).<BR><BR>pls let me know and help me <BR><BR>dhiren <BR>

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    Default dHTML

    I would use dHTML for this. It would load all the images when the page loads and use layers to lay images over each other, creating the look you want.

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