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    Hi<BR>I had earlier addressed this question last week on the db forum but my error continues. If anyone can shed light on this situation.....<BR>I have created a few ASP pages with MSAccess as the backend. they are on the network and its wen enabled for the sales folk who will access these from outside.<BR>The ASP pages worked FINE on my machine where a copy of the db resides. But when I put them on the server I get this error msg.<BR>"MS Jet database engine cannot open the file(unknown). It is already opened exclusively by another user or you need permission to view its data".<BR>I have already given all the permissions and also tried to run when no one was using the db. The db resides on 1 machine which is mapped from the server machine and also by 3-5 other machines from inside the office.<BR>Any help is appreciated. Thanks<BR>Crystal.<BR>

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    Default This is always fun...<BR><BR>You have to follow those instructions. Many of them are complex, and some may cause some security issues so if you&#039;re not the sys-admin at your company then you need to solicit the help of that person.

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