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    Default OnUnload when browser closes

    Hi all:<BR><BR>I am trying do some final cleanup on the server side when a user abruptly closes the browser. I am currently developing in C#. I have tried overriding the OnUnload function; and I have tried creating the event controller unload += .... All with no success.<BR><BR>Oh, and I keep NO server state. All objects are destroyed each time (will have conditional statement in OnUnload to prevent certain things from happening each time page is unloaded). I gave a half effort at using the finalize (or .net&#039;s version of finalize... sorry did java for a long time). Is that the path I should continue down?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>

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    Default You cannot deal with the browser closing

    ASPFAQ Nature of things.<BR>[hl="red"]<BR>When you close the browser the server does not know!<BR>[/hl]<BR>

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