how does classic asp use .NET system DLLs?

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Thread: how does classic asp use .NET system DLLs?

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    Default how does classic asp use .NET system DLLs?

    I am able to use a C# DLL that I&#039;ve created via asp by doing something like:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim objMyDll<BR>Set objMyDll = Server.CreateObject(XXXX.ZZZZZ)<BR>objMyDll.AAAAAA AAAAA<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>but now i&#039;d like to use the .NET System.dll for it&#039;s "system.collections.hashtable" object. Is there a different method of setting this object because it is a native .NET class?<BR>Thanks!

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    Default With a *LOT* of difficulty

    So far as I know, DLL&#039;s created with .NET compilers are *NOT* COM objects.<BR><BR>You&#039;d have to use old-fashioned VB or C++ to put a "wrapper" around the managed code. And even then you&#039;d need some mildly funky "interop" code.<BR><BR>Having said that... I admit I haven&#039;t done it in this "direction". I have used old-fashioned DLLs from managed code (from VB.NET), though, and it&#039;s certainly not something that is automatic.<BR><BR>

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