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    Hello,<BR>I am just starting to dive into .NET, and I&#039;m looking for a good authoring tool. I have read a little about ms visual studio, but when I go to check it out at, they have visual studio enterprise architect, visual basic .net standard, visual C# .net standard, visual studio .net professional.. plus more! Its a little confusing... Anyway, can anyone recommend a good tool for me (visual studio or others...)? I&#039;m interested in writing my .net in C#. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Trevor Hartman

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    Default If this is just for learning...

    ...that getting C#.NET, alone, is just fine. I got VB.NET (alone) and it was more than I needed.<BR><BR>Actually, if you *only* want to use ASP.NET (that is, not write standalone, non-asp apps), then you can even get away with the freebie "Web Matrix".<BR><BR><BR>It allows you to create ASP.NET web pages in either C# or VB, even.<BR><BR>The debug experience isn&#039;t as good as if you bought the "real" product, but you can&#039;t beat the price.<BR><BR>

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