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    I&#039;m creating two variables that are set at two different times:<BR><BR>Session("Starttime") = Time()<BR>Session("EndTime") = Time()<BR><BR>These variable are tracking how long a user views hospital patients in a web based program<BR><BR>I want to get the total amount of time for each accessed patient. So if my Start Time = 1:15:00 PM (based on Session("Starttime") )<BR><BR>and my end time = 1:30:32 pm I want to now create one variable that determines the time spent like:<BR><BR>Dim TotalTimeSpent<BR>TotalTimeSpent = (Session("Starttime")) - (Session("EndTime"))<BR>Response.Write TotalTimeSpent would = 0:15:32<BR><BR>Should I be collecting the start time and end time differently in order to accomplish this? If so what would work?<BR><BR>Any help would help Thanks

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    Default datediff() <eom>


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