Hello guys, <BR>I&#039;m having a big problem and I can&#039;t seem to figure out a solution so everybody, please help me! <BR>This is how it is: <BR><BR>On the main page you see 5 columns with the dates of today and the next 4 working days (so no saturdays and sundays) and their orders. In total you must be able to ask 6 pages like that, the only difference is that the second page must have the dates of next week, the third page the dates of the week after that and so on. On the pages you have 2 buttons, one to go to the previous week and one to go to the next week. I can&#039;t make 6 different pages, everytime another page is requested (by clicking on a button), the same page must be refreshed with the right data. So button onclick=(function). In that function you must test what page (week) you&#039;re on now, which button has been clicked and which page you have to go to. To know what week you&#039;re on, I&#039;ve created a session variable, defined in the global.asa en initialized on 0. When a button is clicked, the variable must be -1 when the left button is clicked and +1 when the right button is clicked. <BR>My problem is that when I use javascript to create the function, I can&#039;t change the session variable (and get the value back in asp). So can&#039;t I make the function in asp or anything else? And when I make it in asp, how can I put in that function which page must be loaded when clicking the button? <BR><BR>Lots of questions, I know, but I&#039;m already searching on it for days now and I still haven&#039;t found any suitable solution! <BR>So please help! <BR>xxx