Does anybody know how to solve the following:<BR>I have a web application that calls a web service, both are made by me.<BR>The application calls a web method using some parameters, one of them is a custom control. Actually it is an instance of a class (called MultiPropertyValue) from which I do have the dll (it is accessible to both webservice and web application) but I can&#039;t change the code.<BR>How can I make sure the web service receives this parameter? <BR>In the reference.cs file I already put an "using Common;" statement (Common is the library that contains the MultiPropertyValue class), but when I trace the SOAP traffic with MSSoapT I can see that the only data sent for this instance is " &#060;mpvConditions /&#062; ".<BR><BR>Can somebody please help me?<BR><BR>Every input is appreciated!<BR>