I know I can dynamically load a user control to a page by using the Page.LoadControl("UserControlPath.ascx") Method. By doing this you can declare a variable as Control and then cast it&#039;s type to whatever type the loaded control is. <BR>This is powerful and very useful.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s my question, how can I dynamically load a custom control (or declare a custom variable type as the case may be) when I don&#039;t know the data type in advance?<BR><BR>The scenario is that I have a page that retrieves a list of controls of varying types from a database. Iterating through the list I can use the Contorls.Add function to add the new controls to the page. However, I need to know (essentially) how to create a New Variable of a Type which, at the time of variable creation, only exists inside of another variable as a string. <BR><BR>Example:<BR>I need to be able for the code below to work somehow...<BR><BR>----------------------------------------------------<BR>Dim varType as String<BR>VarType = "Literal"<BR><BR>Dim o as New CTypeFromString(Control,VarType)("page text here")<BR>------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR><BR>Where the function CtypeFtromString() will return the dataType specified by the second parameter. <BR><BR>If there is no such function then, I&#039;d like to know what ever happened to that good ol&#039; Eval function that allows us to put code into strings and execute it? It&#039;s the same concept as the sp_ExecuteSql stored procedure in SQL Server.<BR><BR><BR>Anyone can help?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>MarcDM<BR><BR><BR>