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Thread: Syntax error using date()

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    Trish Guest

    Default Syntax error using date()

    I am getting the error: Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression &#039Ordertmp.CUR_DATE LT 3/15/00&#039. <BR><BR>My code is as follows:<BR>"DELETE * FROM Ordertmp WHERE Ordertmp.CUR_DATE LT " & CUR_DATE & ""<BR><BR>Will someone please tell me why I&#039m getting this error? <BR>Thanks in advance!<BR>Trish

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default RE: Syntax error using date()

    Try replacing "LT" (that looks like "less than") with a "&#060;". You&#039ll also want to enclose the date variable with #s, as such:<BR><BR>where cur_date &#060; #" & CUR_DATE & "#"<BR><BR>HiH.

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    Trish Guest

    Default Thanks Jason

    That did the trick. Thanks again.

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    Trish Guest

    Default Say, Jason, would you have a minute??????

    Would you happen to know why I am continually getting a System Resource Exceeded error when testing my ASP pages? I have tried closing my Record Sets, but that caused many other problems, so I took all that code out. I am closing all my databaseconnections and setting them back to "nothing".<BR><BR>I&#039m getting tired of rebooting 15 times a day!

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