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    I am trying to use a 4guysfromrolla article entitled Simple Authentication to password protect a few of my web pages. I have everything set up okay but when I run it by trying to link to a page nothing happens. I should be prompted for a user name and password but the asp code is ignored. I would like to hear from anyone who has made the Simple Authentification work. Or if anyone has a web page authentification method that works well I would sure like to hear from you. Thanks for any help someone can bring my way.

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    My goal was to force an NT Basic Authentication prompt, thus logging the user in to the server.<BR><BR>1) Build your login file which captures the user context. That&#039s another story.<BR>2) Disable anonymous access; Disable challenge/response (IIS)<BR>3) Enable Basic Authentication (IIS). It might work here.<BR>4) Restrict permissions on the file to a specific user group containing no anonymous users. It should work here.<BR>5) Pray, meditate, burn incense, and -- if necessary -- threaten your server with a large, magnet-enabled battle axe. You might feel better here.

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