I am about to start writing a functional spec for moving our asp site over to asp.net. <BR><BR>I usually use asp files (with html + ssi) so I have not been exposed to XML commercially before.<BR><BR>What I was wondering is: Is there a *best* way to build a template driven site. We will be integrating a bespoke CMS package which will be designed along with the rest of the components a long time before any development work takes place. <BR><BR>I dont want to start reading and decide method a is best and find out six months in that method b is better. <BR><BR>So, ideally the site will dynamically generate html files as its output (vignette stylee without using vignette obviously). I thought the best way to achieve this would be to build the template system in XML (and xslt) or XHTML. I understand that XHTML is basically html complient XML - I just dont understand why people would use it. Any opinions on this would be most welcome. There may well be an even better way of doing this! Thanks.