Studios -<BR>Imagine Internet Services<BR>United Kingdom<BR><BR>We are a *new* internet team of ex professional games developers including publishers Sony & Virgin.<BR><BR>Our specialities include:-<BR><BR>Design: D&P documentation<BR>Concept: Original ideas & vision<BR>Style: <BR> - Adobe products (Photoshop, FreeHand..)<BR> - optimisation, manipulation, original artwork, logos<BR> - page formatting, layout and result tables.<BR>Web Design<BR> - Domain registration<BR> - Hosting<BR>Database driven solutions: Automation<BR> - Access Database on NT4<BR>E-Commerce:<BR> - secure credit transactions<BR>Scripts:<BR> - HTML, Javascript, Java, ASP, C++ ...<BR>Customisation:<BR> - Ready built Client side software & solutions<BR>Site redesign:<BR> - fixing the mistakes of others!<BR><BR>We are also seeking Venture Capital for our project.<BR><BR>Derrick Austin<BR><BR><BR>Imagine Internet Services<BR><BR>sample project: