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    I am working on create error handling to report all the error occures.<BR>I am using the following function to write the ErrFile.txt, the problem <BR>i have it keep overwrite the first line, so i just get the last message, <BR>and in one line. Here the code i am using to write tot he ErrFile.txt<BR><BR>sub WriteToLog(strMessage, strLogMessage, intLogType)<BR><BR>set Logfso = createobject("scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>set Logf = Logfso.OpenTextFile("C:BatchDealerInventorySylFile .txt", ForWriting, True) <BR>Logf.writeLine strMessage & strLogMessage & intLogType <BR><BR>end sub<BR><BR>whereever i expect an error i call WriteToLog(strMessage, strLogMessage, intLogType)<BR>but the value I assign to every one of thes variable is different the quesion again is I just<BR>get the last error message and on one line.

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    Use ForAppend (8) instead of ForWriting.

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