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    I am using Web Matrix to write the code in I have a registration form and I have divided the code in parts like header file, footer file, sidepanel and I have created these as seperate files and using server side include, I have included them in my main form page. <BR><BR>When I save these files, web matrix automatically reformats these files like adding &#060;table&#062; tags and &#060;%@page--&#062; tag in each file whereas I don&#039;t want them as they are there in the main form file. When I start this main form file using web matrix in the browser, it displays an error Parser Error Message: There can be only one &#039;page&#039; directive.<BR><BR>How can I overcome this problem? Pl help urgently<BR><BR>Thanks a lot

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    try making them user controls instead of web forms...this may remove the auto generated code in the files you were inlcuding...also take a look at registering the user controls using <BR><BR>&#060;%@ Register TagPrefix="PREFIX" TagName="NAME" Src="FILE.ascx" %&#062;<BR><BR>and then<BR><BR>&#060;PREFIX:NAME id=YOURID runat="server"&#062;&#060;/PREFIX:NAME&#062;

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