Request.QueryString("myValue") for javascript?

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Thread: Request.QueryString("myValue") for javascript?

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    Charles Guest

    Default Request.QueryString("myValue") for javascript?

    I need to translate the Request.QueryString() object from the VBScript language to something that can do the same thing in javascript. <BR>Thanks.

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    Andrew Coakley Guest

    Default RE: Request.QueryString(

    I&#039m new to this, but as far as I know, <BR><BR>Request.QueryString("varName") <BR><BR>where the URL is <BR><BR> <BR><BR>would return varValue for JScript/Javascript as well. It works in my scripts anyway. If yours is throwing errors, have you explicitly set your ASP language to JScript?<BR>&#060;%@LANGUAGE = "JScript" %&#062; on the first line of HTML. Just a thought (my first mistake coding in JScript)<BR>

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