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Thread: force a calender popup to stay within screen

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    Default force a calender popup to stay within screen

    I am using a javascript calender popup that I got from one of the js sites, I have the textboxes that are populated by the js popup close to the bottom of the page(If I put them on top they popunder my select boxes). I am trying to figure out how to force them to stay within the screen(I dont want them to popdown and force the page to have a scroll bar) I may be posting on the wrong site(perhaps js?) but maybe there is simple html to take care of this.<BR>Thanks!

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    Default Use a different popup...

    It sounds like that popup is done by using a &#060;DIV&#062;, because if the popup *really* was in another *window* then you wouldn&#039;t have the problem of &#060;SELECT&#062;s "showing through".<BR><BR>There are tons of other calendar popups out there. Go find another one, this time one that really does open up a new window instead of using a &#060;DIV&#062;. Then it can be positioned anyplace.<BR><BR>Heck, even I created one of my own about 3 or 4 years ago:<BR> in the DEMOS.<BR><BR>

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