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    Hi-<BR><BR>I need to take a complete web form and place it in a user control. Mostly due to the fact that we are going to be "branding" it for other sites, so htere will be different headers/footers, etc. <BR><BR>What I want to know in advance, for those of you who may have encountered something like this, is what is the best way to break it up? <BR><BR>There are a few sections to the form, with buttons that do postbacks, and submits, saves, etc. Should I compartmentalize it and make it a few controls, and put buttons on the form using the controls, or should I put everything into one usercontrol, including buttons? (not sure how that works, as far as using the subs in the usercontrol, etc... may be easier than i think). Any advice would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks. <BR>

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    take a look at site may be easier then what you are trying to do...<BR><BR>

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