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    I am having a problem with the above error with ASP and SQL Server.<BR><BR>When the web application is restarted in IIS the problem goes away for a couple of hours and then starts re-appearing. It typically fails on an execute or open command. Users get around the problem by refreshing (a number of time on some occasions).<BR><BR>I am using a Session Connection Object.<BR><BR>The same application is installed on the same webserver but running against an Access table and that version is giving no problems.<BR><BR>The MDAC version is 2.6.<BR><BR>Appreciate any ideas etc..<BR><BR>Atprice

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    Default One idea is not to store a

    connection object in a session variable. ; )<BR><BR>How about just storing the connection string in the session variable or better yet an application variable (since its probably the same for everyone)? Its usually not a good idea to store objects in session variables.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete

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