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    Hi, <BR>I am having problems connecting to an Access database Via, <BR>My problem is thus, <BR>I have an Access database located on a server, I am writing a web service that will contact the Access database, but the web service witll be located on a Different server, so your typical n&#039;Tier architecture really, <BR>Now my Problem is this, when I connect to the Access Database Via Server Explorer I connect no problem and and can read the Data fine, but when I try and connect to it via Building a Connection string , using the Syste.Data.Oledb , I can&#039;t seem to connect to it. Does anybody know the connection string detail I need to fill in? below is a copy of my Connection String <BR><BR>strConn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=\Cs_mntbrowneRTMISdfileVWDisp.Mdb;user id=admin

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    Default * Crossposted. Answered in Advanced Q&A.

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