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    hi<BR> I am developing an ASP application where i am generating reports in excel..<BR> So when the user clicks a report it fires a DLL (VB component) upon which the <BR>report is generated in the Server and then a box comes so that the user can download the report from the serverbut this processs of generating the report takes a lot of time since the reports are very huge in size..In case if many persons access the reports then the system may hang...Can i do all this process asynchronously. like using a message Queue so that the request may go to a queue and then the report be generated. Is there any other better way of doing it. since may users will be accessing the site<BR> Thanks

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    sure, use MSMQ and email the reports out, or at least email a notification that the report has been genrated, and provide a download link. it&#039;s a non-trivial task, but then having the server crash because of too many synchronous process is unacceptable.<BR><BR>there&#039;s lots of MSMQ documentation about - notably at http://msdn.microsoft.com/

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