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Thread: passing a thread off , i guess?

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    Default passing a thread off , i guess?

    I saw this done at Maximum asp in their control panel and was wondering if it was possible to do something very similar in ASP<BR><BR>What I saw:<BR>They have an option in their control panel to Zip all the www logs up and delete the originals when done, But What I liked about it is that they tell you that this operation is still in process instead of just returning a page that page refreshes every 2 min or so and still tells you that the process is still running and you can navigate to other portions of the control panel while it does this. <BR><BR>Anyway I want to do something very similar:<BR> I have a "update script" that needs to be run once a day. I thought about having some kind of check for when the users login and if it hasn&#039;t run for the day then run it but I don&#039;t want to tie up the users session, because it can take a little while to run. So is this even possible in ASP or is this something in .NET only?<BR><BR>Much appreciation to your help

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    Default How about a process, instead?

    Execute a whole separate process (e.g, by invoking a command line script) and have it write to a file (say) when it is done.<BR><BR>Then just use a client-side refresh mechanism (say in a frame, or even in a hidden frame) to invoke an ASP page periodically which simply looks for the file that indicates completion?<BR><BR>I&#039;m pretty sure you can start off an asynchronous process from WScript.WShell. If not, maybe from ASPExec.<BR><BR>

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