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    Have ASP application that has MS SQL 2000 Enterprise backend. I have an issue where every now ant then transaction completes 1/2 but not all.<BR><BR>Details... use include file for database connection. Have to update two tables. Use conn.begintrans and conn.committrans. 1st 1/2 of transaction does not show up in table but 2nd 1/2 does. I use recordsets based on quries and then update the recordset. Any ideas on why this would be an issue?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Well from what you sid I see no problem!<BR>So it is either the Code (posting here might be useful)<BR>OR<BR>as it happens spasmodically it must be the data! So give and idea of a Dataset that does not work

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    Default As an aside, this is probably a

    good argument for using a stored procedure. ; )<BR><BR>However, like White said we really do not know what exactly you are doing.<BR><BR>Pete

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