.htm works but .asp doesn't. Help!!

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Thread: .htm works but .asp doesn't. Help!!

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    Richard Turpen Guest

    Default .htm works but .asp doesn't. Help!!

    I am an experienced programmer, but I just started using IIS 4.0, my site was working great, and now, overnight, .asp pages come up blank, while .htm files come across fine. I reset the machine, no change. I checked all the properties and compared against sample sites that work, no change.<BR><BR>Any Idea&#039s?<BR>IIS 4.0 NT Server 4.0 sp4<BR>Thanx

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    miller Guest

    Default RE: .htm works but .asp doesn't. Help!!

    Try making the folder an application in the management console. this is under my computer then www, then pick the folder and right click on it and select properties. it is at the bottom of the dialogue box.

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