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    I am currently working on a database website. I need to be able to open a new window when a link is clicked. The only catch is that I want the window to open and I only want certain attributes of the browser to be displayed. Then I want the new open window to be printed automatically. Thank you for your time and input...<BR>Jim

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    Default hope this helps

    &nbsp;<BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript&#062;<BR>&#060;!--<BR> function NewWindow(){<BR> var h=screen.height-100;<BR> var w=screen.width-10;<BR> winOptions2=eval("&#039;toolbar=no,location=no,dir ectories=no,status=no,menubar=yes,scrollbars=yes,r esizable=yes,copyhistory=no,width="+w+",height="+h +",left=0,top = 0&#039;");<BR>"xyz.htm","_blank", winOptions2); <BR> }<BR><BR>//--&#062;<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR><BR><BR>&#060;A onclick="return NewWindow()" href="currentpage.asp&#062;<BR>

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