Has anyone created an Exchange 5.5 mailbox using an ASP application. I am able to create the Network logon but I can&#039;t seem to find any code examples that work for Exchange 5.5 running on windows NT without ADSI installed. Most of our other servers are running Windows 2000 with Active Directory enabled but our Exchange server will not be upgraded until all servers are running Windows 2000 and we switch to Native Mode in Active Directory. If anyone knows how I can create mailboxes on my Exchange 5.5 server without installing ADSI, I would really appreciate the help. The sample code below is what I seem to find everywhere and it does not seem to work?<BR><BR>&#039; Security object for SD manipulation<BR>&#039; (REQUIRED ADSI TOOL KIT - REGSVR32 ADSSECURITY.DLL)<BR>&#039;---------------------------------------------------------<BR>Dim sid As New ADsSID &#039;You can also use -- Set sid = CreateObject("ADsSID") for late binding<BR>Dim sec As New ADsSecurity &#039;You can also use -- Set sec = CreateObject("ADsSecurity") for late binding<BR><BR><BR>&#039;-------------------------------------<BR>&#039; The rest uses ADSI Interfaces<BR>&#039;-------------------------------------<BR>Dim sd As IADsSecurityDescriptor<BR>Dim dacl As IADsAccessControlList<BR>Dim ace As New AccessControlEntry<BR><BR>&#039;-------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#039; If you don&#039;t include the ADSI Security Type Library as you make references,<BR>&#039; you must manually declare the following constants.<BR>&#039;-------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Const ADS_SID_HEXSTRING = 1<BR>Const ADS_SID_WINNT_PATH = 5<BR>Const ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MODIFY_USER_ATT = &H2<BR>Const ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MAIL_SEND_AS = &H8<BR>Const ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MAIL_RECEIVE_AS = &H10<BR><BR>&#039;--------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#039;---------------CREATING A MAILBOX ----------------------<BR>&#039;--------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>&#039;--- Server, Org and Site information ---<BR>server = "exchSrv01"<BR>Org = "MICROSOFT"<BR>Site = "INDEPENDENCE"<BR>domain = "INDEPENDENCE"<BR>userName = "jsmith"<BR>password = "passwordHere"<BR><BR>&#039;--- MailBox Parameters ---<BR>strDisplayName = "John Smith"<BR>strFirstName = "John"<BR>strLastName = "Smith"<BR>strAlias = userName<BR>strMTA = "cn=Microsoft MTA,cn=" & server & ",cn=Servers,cn=Configuration,ou=" & Site & ",o=" & Org<BR>strMDB = "cn=Microsoft Private MDB,cn=" & server & ",cn=Servers,cn=Configuration,ou=" & Site & ",o=" & Org<BR>strSMTPAddr = "someone@microsoft.com"<BR><BR>&#039;--- Creating a user to be associated with the mailbox---<BR>Set dom = GetObject("WinNT://" & domain)<BR>Set usr = dom.Create("user", userName)<BR>usr.SetInfo<BR>usr.SetPassword password<BR><BR>&#039;---------------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#039; Build Recipient container&#039;s adsPath:<BR>&#039; LDAP://myserver/CN=Recipients, OU=Site, O=Org<BR>&#039;---------------------------------------------------------------<BR>ADsPath = "LDAP://" + server<BR>ADsPath = ADsPath + "/cn=Recipients,OU="<BR>ADsPath = ADsPath + Site<BR>ADsPath = ADsPath + ",O="<BR>ADsPath = ADsPath + Org<BR><BR>Set objCont = GetObject(ADsPath)<BR><BR>&#039;---Create a new MailBox---<BR>Set mailBox = objCont.Create("organizationalPerson", "cn=" & strAlias)<BR>mailBox.Put "mailPreferenceOption", 0<BR>mailBox.Put "givenName", strFirstName<BR>mailBox.Put "sn", strLastName<BR>mailBox.Put "cn", strDisplayName<BR>mailBox.Put "uid", strAlias<BR>mailBox.Put "Home-MTA", strMTA<BR>mailBox.Put "Home-MDB", strMDB<BR>mailBox.Put "mail", strSMTPAddr<BR>mailBox.Put "MAPI-Recipient", True<BR>mailbox.Put "TextEncodedORaddress", "c=" & COUNTRY & ";a= " & ";p=" & Org & ";o=" & Site & ";s=" & strLastName & ";g=" & strFirstName & ";i=" & Mid(strFirstName, 1, 1) & Mid(strLastName, 1, 1) & ";"<BR>mailBox.Put "rfc822Mailbox", strSMTPAddr<BR><BR>&#039;--------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#039; Associating to a primary account<BR>&#039; (Requires the ADSI tool kit - REGSVR32 ADSSECURITY.DLL )<BR>&#039;--------------------------------------------------------<BR>sid.SetAs ADS_SID_WINNT_PATH, "WinNT://" & domain & "/" & strAlias & ",user"<BR>sidHex = sid.GetAs(ADS_SID_HEXSTRING)<BR>mailBox.Put "Assoc-NT-Account", sidHex<BR><BR>&#039; Commit the property cache to the directory service<BR>mailBox.SetInfo<BR><BR>&#039;-------------------------------------------------<BR>&#039; Set the mailbox security<BR>&#039; to allow the user to modify a user attribute,<BR>&#039; send mail, and receive mail<BR>&#039;-------------------------------------------------<BR>Set sd = sec.GetSecurityDescriptor(mailBox.ADsPath)<BR>Set dacl = sd.DiscretionaryAcl<BR>ace.Trustee = domain & "\" & strAlias<BR>ace.AccessMask = ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MODIFY_USER_ATT Or ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MAIL_SEND_AS Or ADS_RIGHT_EXCH_MAIL_RECEIVE_AS<BR>ace.AceType = ADS_ACETYPE_ACCESS_ALLOWED<BR>dacl.AddAce ace<BR>sd.DiscretionaryAcl = dacl<BR>sec.SetSecurityDescriptor sd<BR><BR>