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    When we send email using CDONTS the text we get from a "textarea" field looks very clumsy in the message sent. <BR><BR>for e.g <BR><BR>A message like <BR><BR>Dear Mazza, <BR><BR>How r u? <BR><BR>regards <BR>Jayavelraj <BR><BR>will look like <BR><BR>Dear Mazza,How r u?regardsJayavelraj <BR><BR>How to overcome this <BR>please help <BR><BR>

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    Default It shouldn't be happening...

    If the user hit the ENTER key when creating the text in the &#060;TEXTAREA&#062;, then that ENTER *should* appear in the email body.<BR><BR>Really.<BR><BR>Are you perhaps sending the EMAIL as *HTML*??? If so, that would explain it. Just send the EMAIL as plain text and it should work.<BR><BR>If you *want* to send the EMAIL as HTML, then you&#039;ll need to convert the text, also. And there is an ASPFAQ on that.<BR><BR>

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