Out of Process Session vs. Database Trips

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Thread: Out of Process Session vs. Database Trips

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    Default Out of Process Session vs. Database Trips

    Hello. This is my first post, so I hope that I have appropriate information. <BR><BR>I am trying to get some advice or "rule of thumb" of how much information should be stored in sessions. We are running on a web farm, so we need to use out of process sessions. The application is a healthcare patient data collection application that collects approximately 50 data elements per patient. It uses 7 or 8 multiple asp.net pages that interact with each other. <BR><BR>My question is whether I should go to the database each time I hit one of these 8 pages and bring in the necessary data elements, or store all 50 elements in sessions so that the pages can interact with only one retreive and one update of all elements. <BR><BR>Lastly, I understand that a quantified answer could only be acquired with true stress testing. Could you recommend a good stress testing software for this type of comparison? <BR><BR>Thanks. <BR><BR>John

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    Default Application Data Cache

    here is a sample<BR><BR>http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20020704.asp

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    Default Stress Test App

    MS has a Web Stress Test application (completely scriptable too). It takes some getting used to but you can simulate load for your web.<BR><BR>You already have it if you have Enterprise Architect edition of VS. otherwise its a free download from the MSDN.

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