I am trying to add some OnMouseOver and OnMouseOut text to display in the status bar with an ImageButton. My JavaScript is obviously incorrect. Can someone help out on what my code should be?<BR><BR>I’m doing this in the OnItemDataBound of my DG. The ID of my form is “frmOrderEdit”.<BR><BR><BR>Dim btnAltIconDollar As ImageButton = e.Item.FindControl("btnAltIconDollar")<BR>btnAltIc onDollar.Attributes("OnMouseOver") = "javascript:document.all.btnAltIconDollar.self.sta tus=&#039;Display Some Text&#039;"<BR>btnAltIconDollar.Attributes("OnMous eOut") = "javascript:document.all.btnAltIconDollar.self.sta tus=&#039;&#039;" <BR>