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    Greetings,<BR><BR>I have some site in which users can come in only with password. I have usual problem I think, and I am trying to find out if some users give password to another people which is not group memebers.<BR>Can anyone help me, is there some ASP trick which I can use in order to find out this fact? Do u know how this problem can be solved?<BR><BR>PS: after first day loging i set cookie to member computer (so through day he don&#039;t care about typing password-again) and for user i am creating session variable which is tested on every inside page @ site.

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    There&#039;s no reliable way. You could do something with IP number but that&#039;s not going to work with certain users (AOL, dial-up etc.)<BR><BR>The only way is to log user A off when user B logs in with the same password.

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