Is there a way to style each row of a datagrid based on the contents of a field. For example, I am trying to build a menu with headings and items something like this:<BR><BR>MAIN MENU<BR>home page<BR>contact me<BR>sign guestbook<BR>MY FAVORITE SITES<BR><BR>www.aspmessageb<BR><BR><BR>Each row is returned from the database, with a hidden field for path (which holds the url of the page to link to). The menu headers that I wrote in all caps will have a "0" as their path. What I want to do is make each row where the path is "0" to have a different style than the rest and not be linkable, and the rest of them (the lower case options) to have a different style than above and be linkable.<BR><BR>Let me know if I wasn&#039;t clear enough.<BR><BR>Nathan Pond