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    Does any one know how to search a data base using a date?<BR>What I want to do is have two text fields saying: <BR>search from:_______ to _______.<BR><BR>Of course it would be looking in the database.<BR>But i dont know how to do this particular kind of search. <BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated!<BR>

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    select * from [table] where dbDate &#062;= #" & request.form("lowDate") & "# and dbDate &#060;= #" & request.form("highDate") & "# order by dbDate desc<BR><BR>Now, assuming that .form("lowdate") and .form("highDate") are recognized dates, the recordset will be all of the applicable records in table, ordered by date starting at the latest (ie July 2, 2064) and going to the earliest (ie December 22, 703).<BR><BR>HiH

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