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    So, I'm reading a bit about the webconfig file and I read that it's an ideal place for application variables and connection strings. Well, in my past experience, the global.asa is where that would be stored. I noticed that there is a global.asax file with and wondered what the difference is between the global.asax and the webconfig file and is one a better place to store application variables than the other? Thanks.

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    In asp, there was only one place, global.asa<BR>You put global settings and logic (session_start ..)<BR><BR>In aspx you still have the global, but it is compiled, and you don&#039;t want to recompile to change the DB connection.<BR><BR>The web.config controls a number of things, and also provides a section where you can create globaly available values (like db conn str).<BR><BR>You end up with a clearer separation of Application logic and cofiguration.<BR><BR>

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