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    I have a page that when it loads, it will pop up a print window. (onLoad="window.print()") I want to go back to the previous page once the user clicks on either the "Print" or "Cancel" button. <BR><BR>Or another way maybe be better if possible, is if the page can be printed automatically. It&#039;s just like the print icon on the toolbar of IE. There is no pop up window when it&#039;s clicked. In my case, once the user clicks on my "Print" button from page 1, it sends the request to the page 2 and print the page automatically, and redirect to page 1. Of <BR>course this whole scene should be invisible to users. I&#039;m not sure if it&#039;s possible to do so, either in javascript or vbScript.

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    Default FAQ #164, perhaps?

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