I have an ASP .NET Page with Web Controls and I have some Requiered Field Validators for some fields. I have a CANCEL button that has as unique instruction Response.Redirect("Default.aspx"). DEFAULT.ASPX is the Page I am!. <BR>The problem is that If I press the button SAVE (causesValidation = TRUE) and it fail because a required field was not completed but if then I complete it and I press CANCEL button CANCEL (causesValidation = FALSE) the instruction Response.Redirect("Default.aspx") is executed but nothing happens and I press the SAVE button it happens the same with the last instruction Response.Redirect("Default.aspx?Accion=S"). Although everything works right if at first I don’t leave any required field without putting a value.<BR>What HAPPENS???? Could it be that the page stays in a certain state after executing the RequieredFieldValidator and avoid make in a Response.Redirect?????<BR>Note: I saw that when Response.Redirect is executed it ALWAYS goes to the CATCH error sections and it says ThreadAbortException. What happens?????<BR>I probed with Server.Transfer but the error is the same.<BR>