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    Can someone help me with this. I have a form that I would like for all values previously entered into the textboxes to remain even if the browser is refreshed. Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure why you would do this, but, couldn't you set a cookie with the onchange event for each field? Then when the form is loaded or reloaded you could load the text boxes.

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    Default Oh...sneaky!

    Yeah, I guess that would work.<BR><BR>This is a CROSSPOST, by the way. (But he said so, in the other forum, because he hadn&#039;t gotten responses here, so no complaints; just a comment.)<BR><BR>Wow. A lot of work! <BR><BR>Wait a sec...<BR><BR>Couldn&#039;t you set the cookie via<BR> &#060;BODY onUnload="...set the cookie for all fields..."&#062;<BR>??<BR><BR>Then you wouldn&#039;t have to muck with the onChange.<BR><BR>Oh...and you could even set a flag when the form was submitted that says "no need to save the values since a submit is taking place"?<BR><BR>

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