Hi all:<BR><BR>For some reason Sessions seem to have just stopped working on my site. I am trying to debug but am coming away with some odd results.<BR><BR>1) The user is asked to input username and password on pg 1. That sends to page 2 for processing.<BR><BR>2) On page 2 a DB is called and session vars stuffed with results. (Uids) I should be done here as the session var has been populated.<BR><BR>3) Page 2 above redirects to "start.asp" where the Session vars show up. But NO other page will show session vars. Now, I would think that the sesion vars either exist or not, but I may have read somewhere that you can send them across one page like seems to be happening here, even if they aren&#039;t working.<BR><BR>If this oddity can happen then at least I know it&#039;s a fluke and sessions aren&#039;t reading. If it can&#039;t happen then sessions are working, at least on that one page.<BR><BR>I should mention that NONE of the session appropriate code has been touched for weeks. I have just moved the site between two folders on the same server, and that seems to have caused some issues.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.