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    I work for a very small computer consulting company, we are currently making an in-house program for personnel, recruiting, payroll, etc. and we are trying to decide if a web based(using JSP or ASP run from our local server) or desktop(Visual Basic) application would work better for us. Im just trying to get a few opinions on what other developers think the pros and cons of web based apps. are compared to desktop apps. Thanks alot.

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    Desktop:<BR> Advantages:<BR> Arguably quicker to code.<BR> Typed variables.<BR> Much harder to "break".<BR> Intuitive look and feel.<BR> Can be made much more secure.<BR> Disadvantages:<BR> Scalability can be an issue, depending on how well it&#039;s coded.<BR> Bug-fixes or updates mean rolling out code across the company.<BR><BR>Web apps are basically the opposite of the above. Very scalable, bug fixes are done in a central location. Slightly less secure though (people can choose pages from their history - could get to places in one click without going down the "normal" channel). Web apps have a much lower machine load. Typically you need a much less powerful machine to operate them.<BR>However, people can sometimes need training on them.<BR><BR>That said, our entire MIS and intranet was coded here and runs perfectly. We use some "applications", but they send reports to the intranet and to SQL server databases, which the MIS interrogates...<BR><BR>Craig.

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