I am writing a message board script that has the complexity of a component. (can&#039t use components, not my server) I am not going to go into a lot of detail, but I need to give b/g on the script.<BR>It is modeled after this message board, (actually EwebCity&#039s MB but it is the same component). there are two functions that display the board. one is a main function that lists all messages where "Parent = 0" (means that the message has no parent so it is a root message) if the message has a child (child = True) then the other function is called.<BR>(I use child, parent relationship to talk, not response, root)<BR>The second function is recursive, if a child message has a child, then the function calls itself, etc.<BR><BR>ok, depending on how many responses there are.. a image is selected for the "tree structure" layout. I have this worked out, but I also need to see if it is the Last Response to the message. Here is my problem...snip snip.<BR><BR>Siblingcheck=0<BR>LastSib = 1<BR>For k = 0 to numrows &#039See if this child has siblings <BR> If CInt(DataArray(4, k)) = CInt(parentId) Then<BR> For m = parentID+1 to numrows<BR> If DataArray(4,m) = DataArray(4,k) Then<BR> LastSib = 0<BR> End If<BR> Next<BR> Siblingcheck=Siblingcheck + 1<BR> End If<BR>Next<BR><BR>mk, ParentID is just the parent number of the current message. The Inner Loop is supposed to check to see if the response is the last one, but it doesn&#039t work. (variable, 4) is the index of the "parent" field (which says what the child&#039s parent is).<BR><BR>Ok, if you read this far.. then. Does anyone have any better way to do this? Or see some really stupid syntatical error. I have been staring at this loop for about 2 hours now&#060;chuckle&#062;.