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    I have a table having 34 fields. Among these fields 28 fields are set as varchar whose length is 300.<BR><BR>I am constructing an insert satement to put values in all fields. The statemnt contains values for all the fields more over values for those 28 fields are 300 each. <BR><BR>The statement is not working. Error message displayed is <BR>"Cannot create a row of size 8449 which is greater than the allowable maximum of 8060.<BR>The statement has been terminated."<BR><BR>Is there any maximum length for the query that we can execute, or the problem is something else.<BR>

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    the problem is with the size of a "data page" & more precisely, a "data row",<BR><BR>the best way to visualize this would be to take a piece of a4 paper; you can only write a finite amount of information on one line. You could of course stick another piece of paper next to it, and continue there - and this is your only real option-normalization.<BR><BR>other than that you could store you&#039;re data with the text datatype (this doesn&#039;t actually store the data itself in the page, it stores a pointer to it), or reduce the size of your text fields (assuming they&#039;re all char you&#039;d only need to trim 500 odd character off (20 off each column to be safe??), or, converting them all to varchar may work (if they aren&#039;t already) altho i haven&#039;t seen your data (and don&#039;t want to..) so that&#039;s not definate.<BR><BR><BR>hope that helps....<BR>cp

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