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    Hello Guys,<BR><BR>Please help me I&#039;m going mad. How do I connect to an access database using the Visual Studio IDE. I can create connections, data adapters, datasets etc as long as it is via Sql Server. I want to connect to an .mdb file using a DSN. Can this be done via Visual Studio IDE. I have been trying for ages with no luck and I am now cotemplating giving up and using Dreamweaver MX.<BR><BR>I really appreciate you help.<BR><BR>Best Regards,<BR><BR>Steve Wilson.

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    step one : stop considering using a DSN. <BR>step two : use the OLEDBDataSource (IIRC) object. I may have remebered that wrongly, but just plug &#039;OLEDB&#039; into the .NET docs and you&#039;ll find it.

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