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    In classic ASP it was very simple to use javascript validations. We simply call a single function on the click of the submit button.<BR>I don&#039;t want to use validator control provided in .net as it takes lot of space on the screen.<BR><BR>Can I somehow do javascript client side validations in ASP .net like the classic ASP. <BR>

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    yes, you can.<BR><BR>calling off the submit button is a little duff though - I prefer to call fro the onsubmit event of the form<BR><BR>onsubmit="return validate(this)"<BR><BR>(see &#039;javascript&#039; at for details)<BR><BR>to do this in ASP.NET, you just make sure you add the &#039;onsubmit&#039; (or onclick) attribute to the appropriate tag, and include the javascript source in the head of the page.<BR><BR>

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