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    I&#039;m wondering about the differences between using recordset.AddNew and just writing an INSERT statement in SQL to get new records in a SQL Server table. I don&#039;t need any help with coding. I&#039;m wondering about performance. <BR><BR>Specifically, my concern is about concurrent users - each of which will be adding about 2 dozen records in. Is one method better than the other in this case?<BR><BR>My gut feeling is to use the SQL INSERT because I think it will be less resource intensive, but I could use some reassuring on this...<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>-- J.D.

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    It has to be easier on the web server - you don&#039;t have the manual overhead of creating the recordset object. You are just inserting records into the table.<BR><BR>But, my preference has nothing to do with that. With SQL INSERT statements, you get better, more informative, error messages back.

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