Recordset Equvalent in ASP .Net?

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Thread: Recordset Equvalent in ASP .Net?

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    Default Recordset Equvalent in ASP .Net?

    I am (argh!) starting the migration of my project from ASP to VB .Net. My current application extensively uses recordsets to, especially, control display logic. That includes a number of loops and inner loops. Knowing that the render tags no longer work is one thing. But, knowing how to manage the returned rows is the real issue here.<BR><BR>As I work through the SDK tutorials, I don&#039;t see the equivalent of a recordset. I see how to connect and query, but not how to test the results. For instance, there are often BOF OR EOF clauses in my code that serve as event triggers. I am having some trouble figuring out how to maintain the same functionality in .Net.<BR><BR>I tried perusing the forums for a similar question, but so far cannot find one. If this has been addressed, please reply with a link to the article.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>PS: 4guys - it would be really great if you would add a search functino to the forums. Thanks.

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    Default Search exists!

    On the left navigation, there is a search group.<BR><BR>In the top navigation, when you are on the message board, there is a search link. It searches the messageboard.<BR><BR>But, as for your question. Yeah, this is a pain in the *** to figure out the relationships. The closest thing to a recordset is a DataReader. A DataSet is a recordset on steroids. And, a DataAdapter is what&#039;s used to get data into the steroided DataSet.

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    Default and DataTable

    if you don&#039;t need the baggage that comes with the DataSet object.<BR><BR>

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