I have some server-side VBScript code embedded within my client-side JavaScript code on my ASP page. The code runs fine, however, the color-coding breaks if this code is in the file. This is a Classic ASP page being viewed in the .Net editor. If I remove the server-side block, the color-coding works fine. Any ideas. Here is a sample of the code:<BR><BR>&#060;script language="JavaScript"&#062;<BR><BR>function initPage(frmInput){<BR><BR> document.all.hidPageMode.value = gsPageMode;<BR> document.all.hidPageAction.value = gsPageAction;<BR><BR> gsTempAssignmentDoc = "";<BR><BR> &#060;%<BR> If ( gbUpdateSuccessful ) Then<BR> Response.Write( "alert( gsSuccessfulUpdate );" )<BR> End If<BR> %&#062;<BR><BR> return true;<BR>}<BR><BR>&#060;/script&#062;