On one ASP page (e.g. page1.asp), I execute INSERT SQL Statement, and then Redirect (using Response.Redirect) the page to another ASP page (e.g. page2.asp). At page2.asp, I execute the SELECT SQL statement to retrieve the record that was inserted at page1.asp to ensure that data has already stored well. But sometimes comes the following error message : <BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80004005&#039<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Not a valid bookmark.<BR>page2.asp, line 21<BR>Line 21 refers to : <BR>Set rs = conn.Execute ("SELECT ....."), which conn is an ADODB Connection object I&#039ve already created before.<BR>But the error will dissapear if I press Refresh or Reload button on the browser, and it will return a correct recordset without any errors at all.<BR>How to fix this error, or at least trap this error so I can tell user to press Refresh/Reload button, since I have already try to trap it with &#039on error resume next&#039.<BR><BR><BR>