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    Doc L Guest

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    Does anyone know of any asp documentation utility that will parse yer code and list all the functions/subs with corresponding parameters.<BR><BR>Call me a lazy bugger, but this could really save some time.<BR><BR>(yes, this post is motivated by an immenent documentation task which I&#039m not looking forward to!!)<BR><BR>

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    Gar Guest

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    Presently I am almost done with a beta version. I anticipate later today, if someone elses posts one I would use it but I was just finishing up a few utilities for all of use asp programmers. I have a few others I think you guys will like. But Doc L, I should have something later today. Please responsd with any suggestions because presently I an returning any commented information and there are lines like these.<BR>&#039response.write strSQL<BR>that are a pain to remove, it takes some massaging after the text file is generated.<BR><BR>Oh well, sorry there is no immediate solutions available.<BR><BR>gary

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    Care to share your app with 4Guys readers? If interested, let me know at:<BR><BR>Thanks!

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