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    What do you guys normally do with the "sa" user account? I don&#039;t use it for webpages because it&#039;s a "known" account and it just seems healthier not to use it. What I would like to do is disable or delete it, but can&#039;t because i get an error when I try. Do you guys even bother with it, or do you make it so it has no privileges to databases or anything? Obviously, I&#039;m thinking security, but if user "sa" has a password, does it even matter? thx<BR>~~Chaotix

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    We leave it known to only the DBA. He then assigns sysadmin privledges to anyone who needs to act in that capacity. And then we&#039;ll create new users for webpages that have limited capabilities - usually restricted to one database.<BR>The sa is still the system admin. It is the master user. You don&#039;t want to delete it, even if you could. It can be healty provided you actually change the password and give it to your trustworthy DBA... provided you have a trustworthy DBA.

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